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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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Doing chinatown and kensington market with friends

27th Sep 2012, 13:48   comments (10)

Recent Moblog stair inspection in Toronto

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Moblog meetup. Yorkshire/Toronto. Viv and Helen came for a visit. I miss having them around my kitchen table. We had a lot to talk about, and sometimes just hanging around doing nothing was just as important. Viv is at the Art Gallery of Ontario, photographing the stairs, which are one of my favourite pieces of wood craftsmanship. I did not allow them much time to look at the art.
13th Sep 2012, 03:24   comments (6)

Manitoulin Island, northern Lake Huron

Manitoulin is basically a big flat rock, scraped clean by glaciers. No dirt to put your fence posts in so you secure them with boxes of boulders. Rare plants that can't/won't grow anywhere else. Mostly flat grassy fields filled with beef cattle. And a serious fishery--lots of great fresh fish. No rain since early June. Hot but there's lots of places to swim.
20th Jul 2012, 20:56   comments (8)

Things I saw that are not plants

black and white grasshopper, milk snake, millipede, monarch butterfly larva, orangey butterfly, swallowtail butterfly, snapping turtle, yellow bird, and triangular bug. I also saw, but did not get a photo of a coyote, deer, and the back end of a black bear running away.
9th Jun 2012, 03:19   comments (17)

flying far north

(viewed 1431 times)
These are Canada geese, real ones, not the ones that hang out in parks all year round. They are flying north to Hudson's Bay because they have not found a mate and they are about to moult, loose their feathers and not be able to fly, and be vunerable. So they go north now, in flocks. A lot of rejection here. It happens everywhere. Evidently Hudson's Bay is where to go to nurse your blues.
9th Jun 2012, 03:12   comments (0)

camping out in style

(viewed 1058 times)
good coffee, no internets, food tastes better outside. no mosquitoes.
9th Jun 2012, 03:08   comments (13)

They look like big, good, strong hands. Don't they?

(viewed 1698 times)
I used to be embarrassed about my hands because they got older than the rest of me. But now I am proud of my old hands. They spent a lot of time making things--in glaze buckets, working clay, paper, soil and plants, and lately, holding a camera.
28th May 2012, 02:02   comments (9)

Toronto guerilla gardeners liberate a corner of Chinatown

A huge nursery donated thousands of dollars worth of plants to us. That means we have lots of great perennials to plant. The Chinese restaurant around the corner will water it, and a lot of people going by really liked it. It was hot, dirty and fun.
26th May 2012, 23:49   comments (5)