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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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I have a lot of photos. and no desire to photoshop them. too tired. danced, ate, drank, hot sun, rain, danced, met a lot of photographers, danced, is an amazing event.
3rd Aug 2008, 02:24   | tags:,comments (15)

siempre arriba

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always higher.
down by the lake, summer evening.

p is for profile

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29th Jul 2008, 20:46   comments (14)

3000 stolen bikes

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We have a situation here in Toronto. A notorious bike thief was raided. No one had any idea that he had this many bikes in storage areas all over Toronto. does he have a problem getting rid of things? So there are 2500 stolen bikes on display and if you can prove it is your bike--it is yours. There are tricycles, kiddie bikes, bikes worth thousands, all laid out for view in two warehouses. People are wandering through, hoping, and talking to each other about what they are looking for. It is not only 2500 stolen bikes. It is 2500 stories. There was an entire room full of tires. do you know your bike tires? I don't. And my bike is not there. It is somewhere roaming free with a new owner.

update--police say it's 3,000, not 2500. lorra bikes Igor Kenk was saving for a rainy day.
25th Jul 2008, 20:29   comments (17)

did you say Obama's in Europe?

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photo assist by the puppy.
25th Jul 2008, 03:12   comments (8)

muybridge with pink socks

25th Jul 2008, 03:02   comments (1)

Bike justice

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saturday morning. stolen bikes recovered from Igor's on Queen Street. The police garage, people looking for their bikes.

Igor's place was notorious for years. If your bike was stolen that is where you went to get it back. the police still have two more of Igor's properties to go through.

hoping to be reunited with my stolen bike.

there is general jubilation here. Not only is Igor arrested, but the cops finally are paying attention to the scourge of bike thefts.

19th Jul 2008, 17:47   comments (18)

dog bog

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the pool is a gift. from one dog to another, Peller to Rou, ru, russie, rooster, etc. it is hot here, so we had dogs in the pool. after everyone left, I put my sad bog plants in for a swim. My puppy has decimated my favourite plant, as well as a few others.

adults also got to cool off their feet. but mostly it belongs to dying plants and hotdogs.
17th Jul 2008, 22:21   comments (8)