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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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the dealer is gone

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Photo of a car, the dealer's car. Right in front of my house. Tonight I was just taking Rou or Ru, the puppy home from a big walk, talking to a friend on the stoop, when it got unreal. The dealer had been there selling crack for a few hours. Suddenly, it was televison. Cops. Someone shouted, hands up, on the ground, and they all had guns. The dealer got out of his car, and was taken away. Then the two incredibly stupid couriers showed up and were arrested. The past few months have been incredibly hard. You never knew when you were going to walk around a corner and there would be major dealing, or a crazed person to deal with. We really lived in fear, so tonight the entire neighbourhood is out, on the street, talking and celebrating. I am no big fan of cops, but this time, they were brilliant. I can walk around now, and the cloud is gone.
16th Jul 2008, 03:16   comments (19)

bright as day

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my neighbour installed new floodlights in his backyard. now my backyard (back garden) can give you that charming prison yard feel. he thinks it will keep the raccoons from ripping up his new lawn.
14th Jul 2008, 12:03   comments (17)

trying out the walk thing

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6th Jul 2008, 03:56   comments (12)

Puppy Russo

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This is Russo, and she is mine to train for a year. She will grow up to be a guide dog. In the bottom photo, five new pups and their new families. Guide dogs not only work with blind people, but with all sorts of special needs. Her training has some different kinds of things, but first she needs to just get used to being a dog with humans. I wasn't sure I could give her up after a year, but I think I can. Still looking for a dog with irony, and perky ears.

I have a crate, food, and a manual. The manual doesn't cover not sleeping because you've been up all night with a really sad lonely little thing.
4th Jul 2008, 12:46   comments (31)

on the back of a great old turtle

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I didn't push the buttons for the instructions.


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1st Jul 2008, 03:28   | tags:,comments (2)

hero tree

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this tree grows on Bloor Street in a concrete planter the size of your kitchen table. I thought it was dead because of the salt, the abuse, the concrete soil. Today I saw these leaves.

hero tree.
1st Jul 2008, 01:22   comments (2)