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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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Toronto guerilla gardeners liberate a corner of Chinatown

A huge nursery donated thousands of dollars worth of plants to us. That means we have lots of great perennials to plant. The Chinese restaurant around the corner will water it, and a lot of people going by really liked it. It was hot, dirty and fun.
26th May 2012, 23:49   comments (5)

Lupines, eastern North America style

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Once these lupines roamed eastern North America, but now they are rare. They can't grow without fire to split their seeds, and no one wants the savanna to burn anymore. Insurance problems. So it almost disappeared. The butterfly that needs it has gone. But in High Park, where I volunteer, we took the seeds from what was there and grew them, and now we have hillsides of it. I think we can ask the Karner Blue butterfly to come back now. This is one of my favourite flowers.
25th May 2012, 02:26   comments (9)

Guerilla gardeners and the High Park Elite Invasive Squad

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I belong to groups now. One group plants things, the other rips plants out of the ground. It's all good.
22nd May 2012, 03:01   comments (3)

this weekend is guerilla gardening

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have dug out everything I don't like, looking forward to meeting up with the crew on Sunday. ninja gardening. we be so sneaky.
17th May 2012, 00:20   comments (4)

fog :)

(viewed 954 times)
17th May 2012, 00:16   comments (5)

depends on your pov

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15th May 2012, 04:09   comments (6)

it's always interesting

-a truck stuck under a bridge
-Sakura, Toronto with Andy, Oscar, Ramona and Sascha
-The nifty new Bloor theatre sign, our new local rep theatre dedicated to docs
-High Park Elite Invasive Squad, Apr 29
-Instigator, Elite Invasive Squad
-Garden Avenue School spring blockbuster with Oscar barely visible extreme left
5th May 2012, 02:25   comments (4)

stupidest bird around

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This is a wild turkey, photographed as it ran endlessly up and down the fence, trying to find a way into the field, away from me. Turkeys have absolutely no brains. They stand around making noises in corn fields so hawks and other predators are sure to notice them. I once raised commercial turkeys for Thanksgiving. They are even dumber than the wild turkeys because all they have is a giant breast, and no brains. If you don't put something shiny in the feed, like marbles, the chicks will not peck at their food. They will starve. I thought that was kind of basic.
23rd Apr 2012, 19:45   comments (9)