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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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lately I've been in the woods near the Falls

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top photo is Magnolia acuminata, or cucumber tree, the only magnolia native to Canada.
2. I just love this sedge because it's flower looks like a bad hair day, or a muppet.
3. This sedge thinks its a bromeliad, and it's in the perfect place.
4. You can't just drive by the falls.
30th Mar 2012, 14:46   comments (7)

Past the tipping point

This is March. It can still snow. It usually does. We are almost a full month ahead, and the plant world is forging ahead, unstoppable now.

second plant down, is a swamp rose :)
24th Mar 2012, 10:23   comments (7)

Oscar and Sascha in High Park

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Today Oscar, Sascha and I went to High Park to see what the burn looked like. It looks pretty bleak. We met a man who was trying out his pinhole camera, and then my friend Bob, who showed us the mining bees. After that we went to another park. I chased them and they chased me. I am exhausted. I should be downtown watching Martha Wainwright, but she won't mind. She has a kid and we all know, kids are exhausting. And a lot of fun.
22nd Mar 2012, 22:25   comments (4)

My favourite day in High Park, the burn

Once a year, the oak savannah prairie in High Park has a controlled burn. Traditionally, this was done either by lightning or on purpose by First Nations people. Now it is continued to maintain the extremely rare ecosystem which is in High Park, Toronto. It is pretty great.
22nd Mar 2012, 02:21   comments (4)

Urban forestry

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I am increasingly interested in how people and plants interact in the city. I am looking for clues, for an understanding, for a translation.
18th Mar 2012, 23:54   comments (4)

yellowgreenhouse window

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23rd Feb 2012, 00:32   comments (12)

I am going dark

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I do not support the American SOPA legislation. American film and music corporations are also creating legislation in Canada which is oppressive--Bill C-10. It would make it illegal for me to take a movie I buy and put it onto my hard drive. I am going to have an offline day. Might get some things around the house fixed.
18th Jan 2012, 02:22   comments (5)

Taking care of business

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After three years on the run, I surrendered and got an accountant. He was really great. I may not go to jail now.
17th Jan 2012, 23:07   comments (4)