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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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Macrolepiota procera, Parasol mushroom

(viewed 1031 times)
2nd Sep 2011, 04:15   comments (6)

seeking green

(viewed 1072 times)
I have been chained to the city for the summer. I bike around looking for secret green places. The University of Toronto has a brilliant small forest inside a courtyard. It's kind of beaten down. Guerilla gardening time.
19th Aug 2011, 01:58   comments (8)

Fake window, real clouds

(viewed 1296 times)
I had to get my car fixed so I was in a strange part of town. The shopping mall had an Arizona theme, stucco walls, and an arcade along the shops (like Bologna or Taos). Appropriated architecture. There were lots of windows like this, fake windows, which I found fascinating.
14th Aug 2011, 03:37   comments (5)

Toothpaste slime

(viewed 1018 times)
Last summer I found this on a log. It is Lycogala epdendrum, toothpaste slime, or wolf's milk. It also can move. I mean to go back and sit there long enough to see it move. The world of fungi and slime is fantastic.
8th Aug 2011, 14:59   comments (3)


1,2,3 Bloor Street.
4.Hike the Geek in High Park
6.bullrushes,Typhina latifolia
7.bee asleep on Joe Pye weed. He is a male Giant resin bee. They are not allowed to sleep at home and end up at my house.
8.Slime mold, Stemonitis, on its legs. do you know some slime can walk, or at least move?
9.Runt's mural on Lee's Palace next to the stapled wall, usually totally covered.
8th Aug 2011, 05:56   comments (3)

Snow day!!!

(viewed 1551 times)
Hot as hell in Toronto. Imprisoned by heat. HELP. send ice cream. glaciers, icicles, dog sleds...
21st Jul 2011, 20:44   comments (8)

strawberry monoprint

(viewed 971 times)
I have been freezing strawberries on parchment paper.
21st Jul 2011, 05:25   comments (5)

ghost bike

(viewed 987 times)
appears regularly.
19th Jul 2011, 23:19   comments (3)