V10 meets H3

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Abandoned seafort, flooded rooms, accessible only by boat?

Sounds like a family outing to me.

Unlike other family outings which begin with 'anyone fancy visiting the catacombs/local burial mound/caves etc', this one was G.s idea. This fort was a little trip by water taxi in Copenhagen Harbour. A little on the spooky side but such a hoot.
6th Aug 2011, 16:50   comments (8)


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4th Aug 2011, 22:48   comments (8)

Toddler says "Danger is my middle name"

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Actually, he said "dan-wer"
10th Jul 2011, 11:42   comments (4)

Humph. I won't be recommending my limbo club meet here.

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Off to a wedding reception.
3rd Jul 2011, 15:10   comments (6)

337 caught so far

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27th Jun 2011, 19:48   comments (10)

But where would I get the dragon needed to guard it?

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24th Jun 2011, 11:29   comments (9)

Great facilities here - enough room to swing a baby

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19th Jun 2011, 16:31   comments (7)

Doors and windows

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15th Jun 2011, 19:14   comments (3)