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You can probably guess what this is about.

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I got this done about 6 months ago, seemed like a good idea at the time...

Posted by pandairo

26th Sep 2006, 15:24   comments (9)


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posted by DeanoBlogo

Posted by FindingNemo

9th Jun 2006, 16:32   comments (0)

half sleeve

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+half sleeve

posted by DeanoBlogo

Posted by FindingNemo

31st May 2006, 10:04   comments (1)

Three of my tattoos

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Will have to get a photo of the other one - I had a version of the back phot
on my moblog, and then found the tattoo moblog, so shameless reposter that I
am I thought I should make the effort:-)

Posted by frog51

23rd Nov 2005, 15:48   comments (6)


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+On my back

posted by DeanoBlogo

Posted by FindingNemo

22nd Nov 2005, 21:41   comments (0)

Bats In The Belfry

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I got this tattoo of a 'bats-in-the-belfry' scene when I was 17 years old by a Commanchero biker at the 'Illustrated Man' in Kings Cross / Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW, Australia. I have others on my fingers, toes, arm and back.This portrait was taken at my most toxic - days without sleep, drugged to the eyeballs and generally not looking after my head at all.....bah....the things we do !

posted by mobology

Posted by pilbaracareers

21st Nov 2005, 09:53   comments (3)

The Ogham letter 'Coll' or Hazel

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I got this tattoo on my arm a couple of years ago in a place called 'Sailor
Sid's'(!) in Whitby as a birthday present from my dad.
My sister did the research for it, and drew the symbol on a birthday card
for me, which was the photocopied and traced onto my arm, so the tattoo is
exactly how my sister drew it, which I kind of like.It's from the Ogham alphabet, which is a Gaelic alphabet typically inscribed on the corner of rocks and standing stones reading from the bottom up..
Each letter is also associated with a tree - Coll is Hazel, which seems to
have a string spiritual meaning as it was found on early burial mounds, and
was seen as sacred to poets. It's also associated with meditation, mediation
and wisdom.
Oh, and yeah. It does look a bit like a TV aerial :)
More here if anyone's interested...

Posted by chris

20th Nov 2005, 14:24   comments (5)

Egyptian Symbol on Sister-in-Law

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posted by lizziepants

10th Jun 2005, 15:01   comments (6)