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One guy called Tim. One camera phone. Put them together. See for yourself.

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Thistle (close-up taken on Nokia N8)

(viewed 910 times)
Not too shabby for a cameraphone, I'd say...
19th Jul 2011, 09:19   comments (0)

My latest studio gear acquisition...

(viewed 677 times)
Well, it took three months for these babies (the Behringer C2 matched-pair stereo condenser mike set) to come into stock, but I'm looking forward to testing them on some acoustic guitar recordings. I just have to decide which configuration to set them up with - X/Y, ORTF, NOS...
14th Jul 2011, 18:13   comments (0)

So the "BBC Red Button test card hack" works after all...

(viewed 1331 times)
I read on the Digital Spy forum that with a rather torturous sequence of keypresses on a Freeview TV remote, it is possible in the UK to bring up the BBC widescreen test card (W) via channel 105. Here's proof that it is indeed true...
13th Jul 2011, 23:33   comments (0)

Unintentionally-amusing foreign product name of the day...

(viewed 465 times)
Seen in our local ASDA - one wonders what it tastes like (deliriously wonderful?).
3rd Jul 2011, 17:39   comments (0)

And I found this on Midsummer's Day...

(viewed 686 times)
Seen in a craft supplies store - I suppose some rubber-stamp users need to get started early on those Christmas cards!
21st Jun 2011, 18:57   comments (3)

Soggy piggies!

(viewed 450 times)
Sunny (tan) and Harry (tricolour) have just taken a shower - much towelling-off and vigorous dog-style self-shaking (by the boys themselves) awaits...
5th Jun 2011, 22:34   comments (0)

Now THAT's what I call a rail replacement bus...

(viewed 562 times)
Seen outside Baker Street tube station
27th May 2011, 15:31   comments (1)

Kate Ryder performs in the Royal Festival Hall foyer

(viewed 2129 times)
Kate Ryder collects and plays miniature and toy pianos - here, she was giving a performance in the RFH's Clore Ballroom, as part of a "piano weekend" there. The music was quite hypnotic - sort of Steve Reich meets Indonesian gamelan. Wish I'd had longer to stay there...
21st May 2011, 14:22   comments (0)
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