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I'm a mobile marketing specialist who also happens to be interested in fashion, art, music, blogging, shopping, interesting people blah blah blah.

I write a blog about mobile marketing over at My business website is at (BeepMarketing is a mobile marketing agency).

ThanQ for looking at my moblog.

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My first Christmas present 2005

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Courtesy of one of my brownies. I'm afraid I couldn't wait and had to eat

Nouvelle Vague T-Mobile Streetgig

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I couldn't make this free gig courtesy of T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson due to
prior commitments. My pal Craig went in my place and sent me this picture.
Apparently it was fab.

Crazy Frog Cake

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Whatever next! As if the ringtones aren't annoying enough.
As seen in Sainsbury's.

Starsight Project wins Best Use of Mobile Data Awards

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Steve Flaherty pictured here with his MDA (Mobile Data Association) award for Best Use of Short Range Data for the Starsight Project. Well done Steve - you and the Kolam Partnership team deserve it.

The Starsight Project has a multi service architecture delivering solar powered WiFi within solar powered street lighting units, and providing light and broadband internet access with the future potential for voice.

My new toy

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Just arrived via ebay... A 1gb mp3 player and recorder and it's fab and dead
easy to set up and use. Also has a line-in function so I can get tracks
straight from my cd player to my mp3 which saves (me) lots of faffing
around. And I'll now be able to do podcasts wherever whenever (well as long
as I have a spare AAA battery with me!
Currently listening to Paul McCartney's Band on the Run. A blast from the
past no less.

Campaign Digital Awards 2005 - where are the women judges?

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This is a blurry picture of the awards panel for this year's Campaign
Digital Awards. Just one question - where are the women?It seems out of 15 judges (2 are not pictured) there was only ONE woman!
Does that mean that in the digital marketing industry (in which I work) that
only 6.6% of the workforce are women? Are women invisible? Do women want to
be invisible? I just don't get it. Do magazine editors only network with
women? Is there a conspiracy going on here?! No wonder there's still gender
discrimination going on if women are invisible.If women make up 50% of the population and more or less 50% of the
workforce, where are they?!?Grrr.

Campaign Magazine Poster Awards 2005 - where are the women judges?

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Campaign magazine is celebrating all that's happening in poster advertising.
They're bragging about how exciting and innovative it is. Blah blah blah. So
they've got their awards. There are some great entries and winners. There
are 16 judges on the panel. NOT ONE OF THEM IS A WOMAN. I shall repeat that.
There are 16 judgest on the panel. NOT ONE OF THEM IS A WOMAN. How so? Are
women not present in this industry? Is a woman's point of view not relevant
here (bearing in mind that most buying decisions are made by women)? Is this
an ad agency conspiracy?Grrr.

Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc - yum!

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My free bottle of Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc has arrived. You see, there are
some advantages of being a blogger - see for an explanation.