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2200: home.

(viewed 817 times)
Food. Beer. Tv.
2nd Sep 2006, 22:43   comments (5)

1935 bst: Heathrow

(viewed 919 times)
We've landed, but it's at terminal 5 again, so they're 'disembarkating' us onto buses 45 at a time. I'm in row 64. This may take a while.
2nd Sep 2006, 19:46   comments (2)

0215: m14 bus

(viewed 844 times)
Apparently there's some switching problems in Brooklyn. Now on a bus for plan b...
2nd Sep 2006, 07:20   comments (0)

0115: 3rd Avenue (L train)

(viewed 935 times)
I reckon i should be home in around 15 hours or so.
Half of the station is closed for some sort of engineering work, and two of the workies are having a heated discussion over something. 'you stupid! What you stupid for?'
2nd Sep 2006, 06:58   comments (2)


(viewed 2152 times)
The remaining Coney Island rollercoaster. It's made of steel and wood, and boy can you feel it!

Does not compute...

(viewed 1455 times)
Seriously.. wtf?
30th Aug 2006, 07:42   comments (11)

Apple Store Fifth Avenue

(viewed 2748 times)
with the world's most amazing lift.

It's also fairly quiet at midnight...

Yup, got here.

(viewed 939 times)
Yup, got here.
29th Aug 2006, 04:37   comments (7)