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Welcome to Temposhark's official Moblog.

This Moblog is open to everyone, not just the band! We'd love to see your cameraphone pics and video clips of YOUR Temposhark experiences!

Why not post photos or video clips of Temposhark performing live, you meeting the band, you dancing in your room to a Temposhark song - anything that captures YOUR personal experiences of Temposhark or their tour! Help us create a memorable scrapbook with your trusty cameraphone!


It's simple to send pictures and video clips to this moblog: Just MMS (picture message) or email your images to: temposhark@moblg.net
Add a title in the 'subject' field and add info about the pic in the body of the message - don't forget to include your name/city!

For detailed instructions, visit the moblogUK help pages

P.S. Don't forget that Temposhark themselves will regularly be updating this page with their own images from their shows, behind the scenes but also from their day to day life so keep checking back to see updates!

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Photos from Susan

(viewed 640 times)
Temposhark live in San Francisco
26th Jun 2007, 18:23   comments (0)

temposhark invades my bedroom [i wish i meant that literally]

(viewed 973 times)
My bedroom was in the middle of a makeover when I saw you guys at the
Toronto show...so naturally you had to become part of it! It's not quite
finished- the vinyls haven't arrived yet! But here's what I've got so far...

xx Patti
26th Jun 2007, 08:08   comments (2)

L.A. Show Pics

(viewed 682 times)
Hey guys,

OK, i've seen some of the pics on the moblog and my pics aren't that good...lol. I had just bought my first digital camera the day before so sometimes I got pics of legs instead :-). The next time you guys make your way over here they'll be better ;-).


25th Jun 2007, 23:23   comments (0)


(viewed 743 times)
YUMMY!!!!!!! Photos taken by Kim of Robert and his Yummy girl Kim The Roxy-
Hollywood, CA
25th Jun 2007, 19:30   comments (1)

Concert pics

(viewed 763 times)
LA - The Roxy pictures. The best night ever!

~ Tammy
"If all the world was perfect I would only ever want to see your scars" D.
25th Jun 2007, 18:16   comments (1)

Hollywood Pictures

(viewed 626 times)
Hey Guys,

Again, AMAZING show Friday! These are some pics I took....enjoy!

25th Jun 2007, 04:51   comments (0)

Julien with Temposhark in Los Angeles

(viewed 717 times)
Julien with Temposhark at the Roxy in LA, June 22nd 2007. Sold out show!
24th Jun 2007, 23:28   comments (0)

Live shots from San Francisco concert

Temposhark live in San Francisco on June 19th 2007 photos by Laurie.
22nd Jun 2007, 18:07   comments (1)