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Performers on Royal Mile, Edinburgh

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23rd Aug 2009, 16:06   comments (2)

two ships at Leith Dock, Edinburgh

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The bigger one is a Saga cruiser. It was 9.30am and Ocean Terminal was already busy with Passangers, visiting Britannia nearby.

The smaller one behind the big one is Vladimir Romanov (Hearts FC's owner)'s yacht, (used to be Roman Abramovich's one). Mr Romanov was visiting Edinburgh to see Edinburgh Tattoo and his yacht had a helicopter port on it for the security. Allegedly you can see the inside of the sea from the yacht as well. Nice.
23rd Aug 2009, 16:03   comments (0)

Dave Thomas

(viewed 1480 times)
I was one of the fans fascinated by his accordion and keyboard in youtube. Found out he was coming to Edinburgh, I went to see him on the first day of his first Edinburgh fringe show.

Very shy-looking but his music was full of energy. His parents were sitting in front of the audience. Lovely.
Wish he could have some time to talk to us after the show, but he ran towards the outside (maybe a loo break?).

Will check him out when he comes to Edinburgh again. Beautiful stuff.
23rd Aug 2009, 15:57   comments (0)

Lighthouse Society of Scotland

(viewed 1452 times)
Great design of the flag and a window decoration. Very unique.
23rd Aug 2009, 15:53   comments (0)


(viewed 2120 times)
From a native Japanese point of view, this Japanese translation is totally totally wrong but funny. Well, it's not wrong. I think this interpretation lifted the meaning of SUPERDRY a step further up. interpretation has become ANOTHER interpretation in this case. I love it.
23rd Aug 2009, 15:52   comments (2)

Ship in Maldon

(viewed 1799 times)
A man climbing to the mast.
He can't have vertigo.
Great day out in Maldon beach.
23rd Aug 2009, 15:48   comments (0)

Hide and seek

(viewed 1553 times)
Pee-ka-boo! I can see you!
(At Premier Inn in Skipton)
5th Aug 2009, 14:26   comments (5)

Morning in Edinburgh Waverly Station

(viewed 4639 times)
Used to commute every morning from this station for 6 years, 6am train every day.
It was hard but now looking back, it remains as a good memory. I miss the smell of coffee from Costa, diesel from GNER and freshly baked muffins in the air.
7th Apr 2009, 23:26   comments (2)
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