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20th Feb 2005 - 10th Oct 2007
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Name: Angel Armogida
Age: 24
Location: London

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November 10, 2005

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Girlie time!

(viewed 908 times)
18th Oct 2006, 15:09   comments (2)

Friday night

Gettin frisky with "hair accessories" and we hit the Swan!

BTW... I love Halloween... tis time for a new background soon, no..?
17th Oct 2006, 20:46   comments (3)


(viewed 641 times)
Notting Hill Gate
17th Oct 2006, 20:43   comments (0)

The fire last night

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This is what the floor below me (where the fire took place) looks like. The ceilings are all burnt. Leo dropped me off home and as I went into the lift I could smell burning. When the lift opened on my floor I came out and the smell of smoke was really strong. The guy who lived in the flat just above where the fire was, was standing there looking all confused. His fire alarm went off because the smoke had rised up into his flat. My mum came out and I was like "hello...? has anyone called the fire brigade yet?" So I dashed indoors and dialed 999. By the time I had hung up I went to open my fromt door again and bwoy. It was so damn smoky I couldn't see a thing! I grabbed Belle, strapped her up in her harness and got my mum ready incase we had to leave. I looked out of the window and by this point 3 fire engines had already arrived, and I felt a little relieved. I knew it wasn't a big fire and I knew they'd have it under control, however I wasn't taking any chances and soaked a couple of tea towels in water so that if we had to run down 13 flights of stairs my mum and Belle could use them to cover their mouths and noses. But eventually the smoke thinned out and everything was back to normal. An eventful night indeed. We haven't had a fire/gas explosion in the building in over 15 years so I wasn't very well prepared. I realise now I should have got my mum and Belle out as soon as I hung up from 999 because had the fire spread and the smoke thickened, I wouldn't have been able to get them out in time. Stupid me. At least now I know.
17th Oct 2006, 20:34   comments (1)

Stuck on the A40

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There was an accident! Helicopter and errythang.

***I don't know what happened. There are only THREE videos in this post. The 1st, 2nd and 4th video are the same one, and the 3rd and 5th are the same. The last video is ok, it didn't repeat.***
17th Oct 2006, 20:21   comments (0)

Fire in my building

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16th Oct 2006, 22:23   comments (5)

Gwan rach!

(viewed 878 times)
14th Oct 2006, 03:00   comments (1)

Car Giant

(viewed 772 times)
Checking out cars for Leo

8th Oct 2006, 17:02   comments (2)