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Modernaire / Moulettes @ Rampant Lion 25_02_07

Unfortunate lighting and sound
but talent still VERY evident.

Modernaire / Bureau / The Whip @ High Voltage

a VERY good night...danceworthy

Pull Tiger Tail / The Blood Arm @ Night & Day 29_11_06

The Blood Arm made us sit down on the floor....

where as Pull Tiger Tail made me worried i wasn't dressed well enough...

either way....good performances

Junior Boys @ High Voltage 15_02_07

(viewed 917 times)
Moody electro...i loved it
although he does look like the guy from peep show

Regina Spektor @ Academy 15_02_07

Regina...what a voice
audience was a bit weird though......die hard fans - thought i was
going to get battered if i didnt know the words!eep!

Performance and The Whip @ Accelerated Youth - ZOO

Sweaty night - lots of people - felt like a sardine
but great music...

Get Girl. Kill Baddies. Save Planet 03_02_07

Real Dolls and Drunken Monks put in an excellent performance...can't
wait for the next one

The Whip @ Contort Yourself - Roadhouse

(viewed 1380 times)
I've never danced so much in my life....