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Out of the dog house - Back in the good books-i think! wonderful bouquet of flowers - lovely rich colours!
8th Feb 2009, 18:35   comments (0)

Flamingo Flower

(viewed 489 times)
(Latin)Anthuriums belong to the family of Philodendrons. It's great what you can do on a cold winter's day in the comfort of your own home with a piece of black card and beautiful flower.
1st Feb 2009, 19:20   comments (0)

Exploding flower

(viewed 835 times)
same Anthurium, (flamingo flower)just by changing the zoom setting during the exposure can produce a dramatic 'explosion' effect
1st Feb 2009, 19:09   comments (8)

The Twisted Trees

(viewed 4437 times)
Taken on one of my walks. They were in a field on their own. Thought they would make a good photo!
25th Jan 2009, 16:51   comments (4)

Tree in Black and White

(viewed 4059 times)
Same tree in black and white - makes it look much more imposing. Could have auditioned for the part of "treebeard's" brother in "Lord of the rings"!
25th Jan 2009, 16:41   comments (3)

Autumn Tree

(viewed 491 times)
Taken late autumn when all the leaves have fallen, exposing it's rugged look!
25th Jan 2009, 16:35   comments (2)

Seagull in Etherow County Park

(viewed 435 times)
Taken on impluse:- My wife and I had taken our grandaughter to feed the ducks and geese in Etherow Country Park; this cheeky chap tried to to help himself to a piece of bread we were throwing. Bit blurred - but great backdrop.
25th Jan 2009, 16:21   comments (0)

Another tulip

(viewed 412 times)
Took this photo using black card as back drop to enrich the natural colours in the tulip - hope it's worked!
18th Jan 2009, 17:54   comments (3)