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Random pictures of a mobile bag of water. I am a California Native, 2nd generation. I keep leaving the state to find that I really don't need to. Married and mother of one English Mastiff. I am also responsible for a bearded dragon, an 8ft boa, one horse, and an amazing man.

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DCA coaster

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geeks on a coaster
4th Nov 2005, 04:41   comments (0)

Potato bug by led light

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Just so you know, I hate 6-legged creature, but these, most especially scare the living shit out of me.
30th Oct 2005, 06:12   comments (1)


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Butter milk sky 2
28th Oct 2005, 05:30   comments (0)


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Butter milk sky
28th Oct 2005, 05:29   comments (0)


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Spider nails
28th Oct 2005, 00:40   comments (2)

Happy beardie

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25th Oct 2005, 00:20   comments (0)

Snake in new cage

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that is about a half of the snake. the rest of him is on the cage floor, with his head above the plexi window.
25th Oct 2005, 00:15   comments (0)

beardie on my shoulder makes me happy!

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My new friend! Male bearded dragon of unknown age. I shall call him Viggo.
24th Oct 2005, 02:49   comments (0)