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Random pictures of a mobile bag of water. I am a California Native, 2nd generation. I keep leaving the state to find that I really don't need to. Married and mother of one English Mastiff. I am also responsible for a bearded dragon, an 8ft boa, one horse, and an amazing man.

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I have been adopted
24th Oct 2005, 02:37   comments (0)


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My shoes match my tattoo
19th Oct 2005, 04:11   comments (0)

tigi bottle

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This is a hair product?

I found this at the grocery store. I loves me some dual purpose products.
14th Oct 2005, 03:57   comments (2)

FW: Dread pirate candy

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Dread pirate candy
12th Oct 2005, 05:18   comments (0)

Snake belly

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Bet your snake can't do this.
7th Oct 2005, 21:04   comments (0)

backyard point of view

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The light is getting different with fall approaching. It gets just the
tiniest bit hazy, but with no heat, definately not the Indian summer I am
used to in Southern California, but the soft, cool breezes from the sea
sailing over the valley.
3rd Oct 2005, 07:08   comments (0)


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Perfectly lined up clouds
2nd Oct 2005, 22:54   comments (0)

morning pictures

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front and back of the ranch in the mist
28th Sep 2005, 16:39   comments (0)