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Random pictures of a mobile bag of water. I am a California Native, 2nd generation. I keep leaving the state to find that I really don't need to. Married and mother of one English Mastiff. I am also responsible for a bearded dragon, an 8ft boa, one horse, and an amazing man.

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accupuncture needle

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Accupuncture for me!

I haven't been feeling well for about a month, and I had been falling asleep in the middle of the day and not having any energy at all. So, I called up the acc. that I found across the street from my friend Rick's repair shop.

Wow, do I feel better!
23rd Aug 2005, 02:34   comments (0)


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21st Aug 2005, 22:52   comments (3)


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New friend
21st Aug 2005, 16:37   comments (0)


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Clock tower at ucsf
19th Aug 2005, 22:45   comments (0)


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Stuck in the city again
18th Aug 2005, 22:50   comments (0)


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New hair cut
16th Aug 2005, 23:07   comments (2)


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Snake on a laptop
15th Aug 2005, 05:25   comments (0)

The view from above

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14th Aug 2005, 23:01   comments (4)