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Welcome to The Messengers moblog

winners will be announced shortly.

Send in pictures, video or audio that really capture scariness, spookiness, fear and fright!

Terms and Conditions
(The competition will close on May 15th 2007)

You could film your own short horror film, or maybe your boyfriend is scary looking in the morning (or maybe you are!) and he'd just love you to moblog a frightening picture of him for the internets.

Let your imagination run wild, and good luck capturing some seriously spooky stuff. As you can see above, there are 3 amazing wi-fi enabled digital cameras to be won - it might change the way you moblog forever.

Sending your posts in is really simple, and you can post from your mobile phone, or from your email account.

If you're sending from your mobile, just create a normal MMS, then send it to:

On the mobile, in the area where you would put in a number, just press the button that changes your input from numbers to letters and enter the above email address!

Sending from your email account is exactly the same, just email your content to:

and your posts will show up on the moblog instantly.

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creep .

(viewed 642 times)

posted by goode

29th Apr 2007, 02:04   comments (3)

Follow me?

(viewed 637 times)
You stand at the entrance of a tunnel. To the east...

posted by Helen

29th Apr 2007, 00:32   comments (4)

Enter here?

(viewed 609 times)

posted by Helen

29th Apr 2007, 00:25   comments (3)

Daytime ghosts

(viewed 769 times)
28th Apr 2007, 22:19   comments (1)

Face off

(viewed 683 times)

posted by JokerXL

28th Apr 2007, 22:04   comments (5)

The Woods Have Eyes!

(viewed 761 times)

posted by JokerXL

28th Apr 2007, 20:42   comments (10)


(viewed 1255 times)
Something that can only be described as paranormal!

posted by goode

21st Apr 2007, 13:42   comments (1)

Who keeps writing this on mirrors?

(viewed 605 times)
The third time in as many days that I've seen REDRUM written in places I habitually go to.

Someone is clearly trying to freak me out...

it won't work you know.

posted by Alfie
20th Apr 2007, 20:42   comments (0)