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Tick this box... if you'd like to opt out of being approached on the street by direct debit style charity fundraisers.

Tick this box... and make a promise you'll give to charities who encourage collection tins.

Tick this box... if you're interested in finding a different way to help charities to raise funds for much needed causes that avoid intrusive sales techniques and don't require you to give your bank details to strangers.

This group is set up to document this campaign and your experience of the "chugger." You can post images and your stories by joining the group and emailing in to

Buy your badge from, wear it around town to raise awareness of this opt-out scheme. The money raised from sales of badges will go back to charities with the message that we're keen for them to find other ways of raising money for charity that aren't dependent on the aggressive 'hard sell' tactics so commonly used today. When you receive your badge, use a marker pen to tick the box and you can begin opting out today. Post us your images of you in your badges!

Some links:

Just Giving

Intelligent Giving Survey

BBC Article

Charity Chuggers should be boycotted

Charity begins at home for the 'chuggers'

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Download this file here to use as a handout for when you're wearing your badge and get approached.
Spread the word! But be nice, remember they're only doing their job.

Posted by tickit

8th Sep 2009, 14:45   | tags:,,comments (8)

Support the campaign! Buy your badges today!

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Want to make it clear that you would like to opt out of being approached in the street by Charity Fundraisers wanting your bank details? You can with this badge!

Wear your badge around town with pride and politely inform these types of fundraisers that you have the badge to show you don't wish to be approached by them. Also ask that if they see anyone in the future with this badge on they should leave them alone too!

Buy your badge from, once recieved tick it with a marker pen and you're ready for a hassle free day in town.

Posted by tickit

7th Sep 2009, 19:33   | tags:,comments (8)