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In my past professional lives, I have been a salesman, an auto mechanic, a draftsman, a security guard, a cartographer of cemeteries, and a Russian, Serbian, and Croatian Linguist whilst in the Army. Now, I have found my calling in life, hence the architectural student status. I am in my 5th and last year of schooling to get my Bachelors of Architecture.

For those that have asked, I am from Tennessee and always will be, regardless of what state I am currently residing, hence the TN in my name.

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Guthrie Center - Minneapolis, MN - Jean Nouvel

(viewed 615 times)
Nouvel makes a play off of the sky bridge motif, and has a cantilevered
bridge which extends out over the river front. There is a bar in the bridge,
with an observation deck at the end of it.
3rd Nov 2006, 22:57   comments (0)

Guthrie Center - Minneapolis, MN - Jean Nouvel

(viewed 562 times)
Due to its northern climate, Minneapolis has a network of sky bridges which
connect most of the structures of downtown at the 2nd floor allowing you to
get from one building to the next without having to brave the elements
outside. The Guthrie is no different.
3rd Nov 2006, 22:53   comments (0)

Guthrie Center - Minneapolis, MN - Jean Nouvel

(viewed 1010 times)
Aside from having the three different stages, there are also two
restaurants, one on the ground floor in the lobby beside the oversized face.
3rd Nov 2006, 22:50   comments (0)

Guthrie Center - Minneapolis, MN - Jean Nouvel

(viewed 497 times)
While in Minneapolis, we were able to catch a show, "Lost in Yonkers" at the
newly opened Guthrie Center, designed by the French Architect Jean Nouvel.
It cost $125 million USD to construct, and contains 3 distinct stages and
support facilities inside.
3rd Nov 2006, 22:47   comments (0)

Red Wing, MN Train Station

(viewed 803 times)
The Amtrak Station in Red Wing was an exquisite, historical stone station
with slate roof. Construction of the depot building began in 1904 following
an agreement in which the City of Red Wing provided trackage concessions and
the Chicago-Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad agreed to construct the depot
and donate money toward the construction of Levee Park. The building was
designed by the railroad company architect, J.M. Netterstrom, in a style influenced by the neoclassical revival of the 1893 Chicago Colombian Exposition. The depot
building was acquired by the City of Red Wing and restored by the Red Wing
Area Fund in 1990. It presently houses the Red Wing Visitor and Convention
Bureau and serves as the Amtrak stop for the city.

I had to shoot this through the window as we were only in the station for about 3 minutes and not allowed off the train unless it was our stop.
3rd Nov 2006, 21:30   comments (0)

Rose Garden

(viewed 457 times)
Unfortunately it started to rain, so this was the last shot I was able to
3rd Nov 2006, 19:26   comments (0)

Rose Garden

(viewed 544 times)
Another rose from the garden. This garden was chock full of different
varieties of roses, and covered a good 1/2 acre of land.
3rd Nov 2006, 19:25   comments (2)

Rose Garden

(viewed 554 times)
This was one of three roses I captured in a rose garden in a park on one of
the Twin Cities' many lakes.
3rd Nov 2006, 19:23   comments (0)