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The soon to be talk about device in town

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okie, iphone 3gs arrives in stock today, but seriously, why all crazy about iphone? Despite news reporting that the phone might blew up, under heavy usage. Iphone craze continues.....

the n97 mini dummy came to my store today, so fansinating. I cant wait to get my hands on one set. Its quite stylish and decent bulid. Most importantly, the price tag is going to cost less, than its predessor n97.

Rumours has it, mid october is the launch of the n97 mini. The patient wait set upon the common folks.
7th Oct 2009, 12:04   comments (1)

The daily get-by(s)

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my workplace was filled with office workers from nearby offices, as usual, when i reported to work.

Maybe i might had developed a sense of detestment towards those office workers. But i started profiling each and every indiviual that walks in. Some are nice, and some are nasty.

Seriously i think there is more than to meet the eye @ vivocity, singapore. i suddenly realised i haven't been to each and every part of the mall, unless those common spots.

5th Oct 2009, 19:59   comments (1)

My 2nd home aka workplace

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okie, just abit more in depth of myself. I'm a singaporean working in singapore. Hahaha.

Any of my blog readers from singapore?

Okie, i work for one of the world's famous handphone maker, and yea, the latest audio headset by it, is a noise cancellation bluetooth stereo headset. The price is still unknown, but its going to be, quite a big price tag placed on it.

I personally tried it once. Gosh, it took my breath away. useful for those music lover taking the subway daily. an item confirmed to be on my christmas wish list.
3rd Oct 2009, 19:54   comments (1)

An accidental lost

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i was left renderly speechless, as i came back home, trying to scout out my missing ezlink card.

But to my dismay, i realised that i may had lost the card while on my way back home. The value inside the card was 20+, which was equal to one week worth of transport fee.

Speechless ~

My belief is that, to lose a fortune is to divert a disaster.

Well, it could be worth that.
2nd Oct 2009, 19:05   comments (0)

A usual day @ work

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Hmmm, as usual, the outdoor view from my counter was hazy, and somehow smokey.

But suprising to see that, there are still people sitting in the outdoor area of starbucks, having coffee.

I seriously detest lunch break, because those office workers will just pop into the store and have a look, after their lunch. Simply because they have nowhere to go, and they will ask tons of questions, and walk off with a simple goodbye.

its so annoying to serve such "customers".

But what choices do i have, being in retail.
1st Oct 2009, 14:24   comments (1)

Past of me

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hmmm, i decided to take a photo of my pass ezlink cards to show, how much i had changed throughout the years. From ite to, poly to army. Next up, i want to take a picture of my student pass from SAS - school of appiled studies.
30th Sep 2009, 12:02   comments (0)