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Mistaken Identity

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What we are told is what we know... Since birth, we have been told something or the other... What we don't know we automatically assume, and in the process, mistake something for another; Bravery with Courage, Machismo with Manhood, Liberty with Freedom, Wordiness with Articulation, fun with pleasure, Personality with Character, yes, Personality with Character... You don't know the difference? Well you soon will...

Buckle up...

Ok, Character traits include honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, leadership, loyalty and courage. One’s character can be objectively judged.

Character is defined as right or wrong.

Character, can be taught.

By bypassing the difficulty of teaching character, we have gone directly to self-esteem, the reward of strong character. But without character, self-esteem is a hollow, free-floating concept.

And while character traits are universal, each individual has the choice to accept or reject them.

One of character’s best features is that you can mimic them without conviction and the end result is the same.

For instance, a coward can recognize he’s a coward yet still perform an act of bravery and no one will fault him acting out of character.

On the other hand, Personality is subjective.

Personality includes your sense of humor (or lack of), whether you’re outgoing or shy, friendly or stoic, your interests, passions, etc.

While some people have well-developed personalities, their character sucks and you eventually avoid them even though “they’re a lot of fun.”

Personality is neither right nor wrong.

Some people will like any particular personality and others won’t.

Character can be changed,
Personality never changes...

You've been told, by now I hope you know, yes? Good! answer this question then, is it in your character to read or is it your personality?
28th Sep 2010, 16:02   | tags:comments (1)

Nothing or Is it?...

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Is there such a thing as nothing? Or is there no thing as nothing? Because in our acknowledgement of it, we pronounce its existence, its reality. Is Nothing a thing? No? Then what is it? I say it is a thing, for it is a thing that is "not". Nothingness: A great void; The abysmal emptiness..." Can Anything be compared to Nothing? I don't know... Some people, when asked what they were doing at the moment, reply "Nothing" But, at every given time we humans are performing an action; sleeping, standing, sitting, breathing, hearing, Living... Dying, being Dead, Decomposing... We never do Nothing, so we can say Nothing can be defined as "the thing that isn't, the action we never perform, the ever-present absence" what do you say? That's right, Nothing... So when next you are asked about a particular subject, look 'em straight in the eye and proudly say "I Know Nothing about..." •|Thinking Out Loud|•
28th Sep 2010, 10:05   | tags:,,comments (0)


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Love. What exactly is it? Is it "A feeling you feel when you feel that you are feeling a feeling you feel you have never felt?" Or is it "The tightening and untightening of the heart, the heady sensation, staccato breath pattern, 'butterflies in your tummy' phenomena that occurs when we think about someone?" Is it an ailment? For I've heard people use the term "lovesick" often... What triggers the feeling? Is it temporary like a phase that must pass? Yes? Then Love does not exist in the real sense of the word, It is an INTENSE version of infatuation, since it does not last forever in the real world, since the vigour of Love soon fades after a few months or years to respect or affection... Yes, affection, people mistake affection for Love, the same way they mistake Personality for Character, you don't know the difference? Read my next Post then... •|Thinking Out Loud|•
28th Sep 2010, 06:59   | tags:,,comments (0)

The Mind

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What exactly is the mind? An essence? A sort of Consciousness? The spirit part of our existence? Or is it our Soul? Does it reside in the brain? Or in the deepest recesses of the heart? Is it a part of the body or the body itself? Does it guide our actions? Or dictate our reactions to reality? What exactly is its function? Can we control it? Bend and Forge it to do our bidding? if yes, then it is useless, for it becomes an ever-yielding tool to man's fallibilities, therefore it is pointless to have a mind... Think People, Think... The mind MAY be a terrible thing to waste, but can also be terribly wasteful... •|Thinking out Loud|•
28th Sep 2010, 00:25   | tags:,,comments (1)