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At our core we are a music making / song writing duo more than a little obsessed with guitars, however we like to play with other people and our band. Rob, Ed and Little Phil have been in the frame for a long time.

We have a crazy lovely fan base who keep us in business and we feel like our best is just ahead of us - like a giant golden carrot leading us on and on, down a road, across a field and into a brown sack.... They will have to kill us to stop us.

We'd really like you to send in your own Turin Brakes pics and videos to the moblog too, you can send pictures or videos to this moblog easily using your camera phone or computer. Just MMS or email your images to:

Turin Brakes are: Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian. Joined on the live stage by Rob Allum, Eddie Myer and Little Phil Marten.

Influences: Miles Davis to Fugazi and back again. We tend to pass all our influences through the genre of folk tinged indie rock, but being English the idea of putting ourselves into a genre in the first place makes us want to tear our man flesh suits off, but that’s not your fault. Some have said we make a sweet spine tingling kind of noise while others say we are "quietly seething." Some even say we rock like monkeys! Here’s what we say..... You decide.

Sounds Like: We sound a bit like a cowboy from the old west in the streets of 21st century London who is being forced at gun point by his own shadow to confess his hopes and fears into an old tape recorder for uses unknown, with lots of guitars, beats and harmonies ricocheting off the concrete canyons all around....

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Olly at Clapham Grand

(viewed 664 times)
Hey guys,
Attached is a photo of Olly at Clapham Grand i took on my phone! fantastic
gig, nice small venue so nice and intimate!
I will see you guys in Bournemouth tonight and take some more pics to send
to ya!
Best wishes and see ya later.Spice_________________________________________________________________
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22nd Nov 2006, 16:12   comments (0)

warwick...save me

(viewed 505 times)
Hello again! Not a great video but you get the idea! A beautiful (as always)
rendition of Save Me at Warwick on Sunday night.

22nd Nov 2006, 12:30   comments (0)

warwick/half moon

HeyJust a couple of pictures,a couple from Warwick and a couple from the Half
moon. Thought you guys were great at both,cant wait to see you again in
Leicester next week.Keep doing what your doing as the new stuff all sounds
great.Enjoy the rest of your tour.Clairexxx_________________________________________________________________
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22nd Nov 2006, 12:02   comments (1)


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22nd Nov 2006, 10:41   comments (0)

Warwick Student's Union

(viewed 620 times)
Dear Olly, Gale, Rob, Ed and Phil,Thank you for an ace gig at Warwick on Sunday. Its been a year since the cracking performance at Wolverhampton so it was great to see you Live again. It was really good to hear the new tracks and I can't wait for the new album. As requested on the website, here are some photos from the night. Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Best wishes,

Juliet Creese
21st Nov 2006, 19:09   comments (0)


(viewed 426 times)
21st Nov 2006, 16:31   comments (0)

Brighton, photo2

(viewed 465 times)
18th Nov 2006, 18:45   comments (0)

Brighton 06, photo 1

(viewed 507 times)
18th Nov 2006, 18:41   comments (1)