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scary monsters

(viewed 438 times)
first of the carwash shots, or alien device?
12th Dec 2006, 23:24   comments (0)

heil ronald

(viewed 481 times)
Had to get a detail shot, epically since in this he seems to be â??Heilingâ?? somethingâ?¦or someone, Ronald, do you have something to tell us?â?¦no well ok then can I get some fries please? Super size me
4th Dec 2006, 18:21   | tags:,comments (0)

Serious Moonlight

(viewed 467 times)
If you ever wonder what happens to old advertising iconsâ?¦ from a long forgotten MacDonaldâ??s campaign. One very odd prop in the middle of a suburban Mickey Dâ??s
4th Dec 2006, 18:21   | tags:comments (0)

Ronald in the Sky with Diamonds

(viewed 1126 times)
Being a vegetarian I rarely go into fast food places, but for a shot like this it is totally worth it. He almost looks like he has a halo!
4th Dec 2006, 18:20   | tags:,comments (3)

man with shrimp and pineapple

(viewed 1134 times)
Much like Duchamps classic â??Nude Descending a Staircaseâ?? changed the art world forever, I believe that â??man with shrimp and pineappleâ?? will change the way that we think about modern cam-phone art/ either that or I was really drunk when I took it.
4th Dec 2006, 18:19   | tags:,,comments (0)


(viewed 1175 times)
Ok, this is just the most disturbing logo ever, epically given the bimbo is generally American slang for a women of loose virtue, (if itâ??s mail the colloquialism isâ??himboâ??)

good camoflouge

(viewed 1099 times)
29th Nov 2006, 00:04   | tags:,comments (0)

bad caomoflouge

(viewed 1177 times)
man is my cam phone looking freadful, I egt a new phone this week, hopefully less buggy
29th Nov 2006, 00:04   | tags:,comments (0)