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Ren cat

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this is our other cat Ren, the much older of the two, though she would think it immpolite of me to mention her age. She is incredibley smart, her main project for the last several years has been translatting sylvia Plaths' the bell jar into meow.
5th Oct 2006, 04:20   | tags:,comments (2)

Mambo in repose

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this is our kitten Mambo, ok she is like 5 years old but we still refer to her has a kitten, but as a kitten could can be a teenaged goth girl
5th Oct 2006, 04:20   | tags:comments (0)

Skribble heads

(viewed 724 times)
Someone said hey, lets give the guy from Sugar ray a toy line, the lead singer... no the dj.... oh...

and here it is plasic figurines that when you turn their heads play samples, got them to circut bend, and they were just to precious/horribile to do it
4th Oct 2006, 19:13   | tags:comments (0)

monkees, shakes and a man eating chiken

(viewed 1304 times)
Hadn't put anything up, so here is a detail of some of the office toys, featuring "terrible organ in slime" can't make this stuff up

the Last of Mr. Zip

(viewed 635 times)
Spotted this in a building I was, hadn't seen this chartec since I was a kid, last I heard he was living in sin with Reddy Kilowatt
28th Sep 2006, 18:10   | tags:comments (1)

It's bacon

(viewed 601 times)
Hadn't posted in a while, saw this in the grocery store, Its thee vegatrians joy talking pictures of meat
27th Sep 2006, 04:58   | tags:comments (1)

three amigos

(viewed 1211 times)
and they are all made out lego blocks, ah you have to love large display budgets!

shot in toys r us times square
13th Sep 2006, 05:56   | tags:,,comments (0)

a gal like dear old mum

(viewed 791 times)
from a porn shop on 8th ave NYC. they cleaned up times square by moving it all to 8th street. you can tell that the manequen is none to happy about being there
13th Sep 2006, 05:56   | tags:,comments (0)