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1,300 miles back to Glasgow

(viewed 658 times)
The drive back from Vienna was a long one. We split the journey into two
days, but knew it was going to be hard work. A huge traffic jam didn't help
our progress. It was actually the first time in years that I'd been in a
traffic jam that came to a complete stop and people turned off their engines
and got out of their cars and trucks. We were stationery for about 25mins
and when we did move off, there was no sign of any obstruction.

The sky was clear on the first evening, so we did get to watch the sun go

posted by uofk_nic

19th Apr 2007, 12:08   comments (0)

Signing stuff for the fans in Vienna

(viewed 677 times)
The band were delighted to chat to the fans that had come down to see them
and autograph the CD's and vinyl that they'd bought at the merchandise

posted by uofk_nic

19th Apr 2007, 12:00   comments (0)

Weekender in Innsbruck

Gig at Weekender in Innsbruck.

posted by uofk_nic

19th Apr 2007, 01:29   comments (0)

Austria = Tunnels

(viewed 728 times)
There were lots of great tunnels on our trip from Basel to Innsbruck. Here
are two of them.

posted by uofk_nic

19th Apr 2007, 01:10   comments (0)

Gig on a boat in Basel

(viewed 791 times)
It was a little strange playing on a boat, but the gig went just the same.

posted by uofk_nic

19th Apr 2007, 00:37   comments (2)

A sunny day in Basel.

(viewed 998 times)
Apologies for the delay in posting more pictures from the tour. In Basel
we had a little time to kill before the load-in, so we enjoyed a quiet lunch
in the sun and then explored for a little while. The area around the venue
(the boat) was very industrial with containers, trains and railway tracks
everywhere. We also discovered that just a few hundred yards from the
venue there was a spot where you could stand and be in Switzerland and then
step one way and be in Germany and then step another and be in France. :-)
Does anyone know how to make sure the lines feeds from Outlook (plain text)
are kept when the message is posted to the moblog?

posted by uofk_nic

19th Apr 2007, 00:18   comments (0)

New t-shirt

(viewed 629 times)
Union of Knives have a cool new t-shirt available.

posted by uofk_nic

8th Apr 2007, 03:36   comments (0)

Live at The Palace

(viewed 730 times)
The Palace is a converted cinema and made a great venue for a gig.

posted by uofk_nic

8th Apr 2007, 03:06   comments (0)