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where's wabbit? where does he ACTUALLY live? and who is he roaming with....? figured it out?:-

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where's unnywabbit?

...where's wabbit t-shirts n mouse mats to be had.

now when i get chance i'll lay some proper picture clues, at the minute all i can say is that he follows the path of another blogger...

clues will be clearly marked 'where's wabbit clue _#' etc. so as not to be confused with his random travels around the globe. ;) wabbit.

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wabbit on the wun...

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It's 3820 miles to chicago, i've got a full tank of gas, it's getting dark and i'm not wearing sunglasses..... hit it!
12th Aug 2004, 10:15   comments (1)

oh no!

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11th Aug 2004, 17:20   comments (1)

A party?

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I hear that someone may be having a party, in London - are wabbits welcome?
6th Aug 2004, 16:47   comments (4)

turned out nice again...

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16th Jun 2004, 12:20   comments (0)

wabbit weturns!

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15th Jun 2004, 17:00   comments (8)

bridge over troubled water..

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don't actually know where i am in this one*. but it was a pretty bridge. from easter weeknend away in the wilderness.

whereswabbit? will be starting soon...

*Black Water Bridge.
23rd Apr 2004, 10:00   comments (3)

sweet dreams my...

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mmm... fudge brownie and caramel milky whatchamicallitdoodaa milky coffee....

LAX international airport.
5th Apr 2004, 16:24   comments (3)

whaere's wabbit?

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Torrence, Los Angeles. CA.
5th Apr 2004, 16:22   comments (0)
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