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This was originally a competition,
but there is no reason why it can't be used as a regular group so please can you join the group and then...

Send in the cutest love inspiring images,
or express your anti-Valentine's feelings in photo form.

The Winners of the competition in 2006 were...

The Cutest Couple, SSLovetub
The Best Batchelorette, Beth,
The Best Batchelor, Backwards Lamb

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Natural Love

(viewed 1359 times)
posted by anonymous

Waiting for a train at one in the morning

(viewed 1488 times)
... is easier when you're in love.

Posted by seaneeboy

Together at last

(viewed 1553 times)
Mobology and Mingnonne, together at last.

posted by ming

Awkward Glances

(viewed 1536 times)

Posted by onceupon

Love is...

(viewed 1288 times)
Like hitting a big soft squidgy brick wall! Of course i can't say for
certain as i have never hit a big soft squidgy brick wall. At /any/ speed!

Posted by goode

Hot Loving!

(viewed 1487 times)

Posted by onceupon

Nothing Ever Lasts Forever

(viewed 2190 times)
Some things you hope can last a lifetime, Some things do,
but some things, sometimes just stop!happy valentines to those out there who ARE going to celebrate it, i wish you all the best!!

Posted by Dave (nee Spike)


(viewed 1509 times)
I love you Claire. I look forward to you coming to Sydney soon with
Chaim and beginning a new chapter in our relatedness. You mean the world
to me my English Honkers Ozzie * heart beats*Mobology
posted by mobology