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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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This might be cute...

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...if it was parked somewhere besides Wal-Mart! I wonder if Budd (no lie - I couldn't get his whole name in the shot cause of glare) and Deb are registered here. I could pick them up a nice, shiny shotgun or perhaps a copy of "Redneckin' for Dummies" - but it appears they've already mastered that one! :) God - why do I live here????
28th Dec 2005, 02:34   comments (4)

Umm..hello :)

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Found this fun post-it-note when cleaning my office today :) I wonder if, in some bizarre alternate universe, I knew I would find this someday? ;)
26th Dec 2005, 19:37   comments (3)

House Pic (finally)

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For those of you who've been asking, here's a pic of the house ( with my freshly washed car sitting in front of it :) ). It's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a gigantic back/side yard and a lovely view of the city ( I'm up on a hill ).
25th Dec 2005, 15:37   comments (2)

Side view :)

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See that addition on the back? On my 2nd floor, there's a door that opens up to that roof so I can walk out on the roof and be outside. I'm planning on putting some basic garden furniture up there next summer so I can just enjoy the nice summer nights :).
25th Dec 2005, 15:36   comments (0)

I love you, baby

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I can't believe it's been 2 years - 12/21/03 - 12/21/03 - I love you, Sophie - Mommy misses you every day *smooch*
22nd Dec 2005, 00:50   comments (19)

Knock, knock, knockin'...

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Look - it's Heaven's Door! :) Barbara Walters ain't got shit on me! :)
21st Dec 2005, 03:35   comments (4)

See? It's cold!

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Yes - that's a 3 - not a 30, but a 3. And baby needs her first oil change :P :)
13th Dec 2005, 14:00   comments (7)

Giant Furry Hat! :)

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Winter has definitely arrived...bah humbug!
5th Dec 2005, 13:51   comments (10)