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Still sick..but better

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Ok - I'm ready to try this "work" thing again since being sick. I'd say I'm at about 90% today, so still not fully functional, but much better :)
1st Dec 2005, 13:42   comments (6)

Biscuit in a Blanket :)

(viewed 794 times)
Ok - so I had a blanket wrapped around me last night because I was freezing. I get up from the computer to go to bed, and I look down, and this is what I see :)
1st Dec 2005, 04:08   comments (0)

The Kiss :)

(viewed 805 times)
By request :) The munchkin wanted a little love :)
29th Nov 2005, 22:40   comments (5)

3-way, anyone?

(viewed 891 times)
Ok - in Cincinnati, if I asked *anyone* the question "Hey, want a 3-way?" their response (if they did indeed want one) would probably be "Skyline or Gold Star?" Welcome to Cincinnati :)
28th Nov 2005, 03:00   comments (11)

House of Horror

(viewed 856 times)
So this is where I spent the terrible ages of 3-18 (not that I remember much), and where I usually stay when I visit. It looks almost exactly like every other house on the block, and yes, I find that kinda Stepford-ish.
28th Nov 2005, 02:37   comments (0)

Cleveland sucks

(viewed 1137 times)
Right. So now I'm back from my trip. It's supposed to take 7-8 hours to drive from where I live to Cincinnati. Here, in Cleveland, I sat in traffic for 3 fuckin' hours on 271 which was essentially a parking lot. So my eyes were on the road :P :) And yes, contrary to what Drew Carey says, Cleveland does NOT in fact rock - and if you've been there, you know that :)
23rd Nov 2005, 21:33   comments (7)

Birthday Girl

(viewed 1409 times)
*sigh*....Yes, I'm 30. Yes, I'm depressed about it. Bad pic for my bad mood :P :)
22nd Nov 2005, 20:54   comments (7)

Return of Hats!

(viewed 1008 times)
So, now that it's finally getting colder outside, I figured I could take the hats out of their box and begin wearing them. And I have some new ones this year :)
17th Nov 2005, 13:44   comments (6)