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Found these prints on the ground sticking out from underneath my car this morning. Hadn't noticed them before. I now live out where there's a lot of wildlife...perhaps feral children? :)
6th Sep 2005, 18:48   comments (2)

Guess What This Is

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17th Aug 2005, 13:58   comments (17)


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Reserved for meeeeeeeeeeeee :)
15th Aug 2005, 16:07   comments (4)

5 minute dinner

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Leftover pasta + baby shrimp + lemon juice + butter + italian seasoning = 5 minute shrimp scampi :) yum!
28th Jul 2005, 23:51   comments (3)

How much is that doggie in the window?

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Caught this while leaving the house this morning. Kind of reminded me of those old 70s family portraits where the face of the father was profiled translucently over the rest of the family. Anyway, I thought it was a cute pic of Biscuit :)
26th Jul 2005, 13:39   comments (2)

Redneck Rising

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The grand finale of the demolition derby - I got splattered with mud, but I loved every second of it! See what this place is doing to me? Save meeeeeeeeeee :)
24th Jul 2005, 04:14   comments (2)

County Fair Time!

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From the top of the Ferris Wheel. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get a great shot, but you get the idea :)
24th Jul 2005, 01:06   comments (2)


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And all i got was mac and cheese and a salad :)
22nd Jul 2005, 18:21   comments (3)