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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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Proof! ;)

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Man - for *years* I've been trying to get this across to people with few positive results... can't argue with a website test I stumbled across from a friend's blog....can you? ;)
4th Jul 2005, 02:59   comments (13)

munchkin vallie

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Ok - so after a few requests, he's a pic of 3 year old vallie - even then I had messy, frizzy hair and very pale skin :)
1st Jul 2005, 19:12   comments (4)

The master at work

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Yes - she's quite destructive - this is only a little of what she's capable of :) Can anyone guess what company's brochure she's tearing apart?
1st Jul 2005, 18:49   comments (4)

Construction Zone

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Ok -- so now that I'm officially single again (*UGH*), I've got some serious work to do on myself before attempting to get back into the dating game. First off - just some nice mental/emotional time by myself (especially with the doctoral program starting soon). Second, I must lose some weight. So, my mind/body has become a construction zone - hope you brought your hard hat :)
28th Jun 2005, 20:48   comments (17)

Fun Hair

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It's a little messy :) One of the reasons I like summer is that I can play with my hair - in the winter, it's too cold to wear it up (or 1/2 up as the case may be)
27th Jun 2005, 15:23   comments (2)

My lunch - evidently

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So when I left the house this morning, I grabbed this instead of the bag with my lunch in it - i guess that's Monday for ya.
27th Jun 2005, 15:15   comments (1)

All washed up? :)

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When my hair is the darkest part of me in a picture, that's definitely funky :)
16th Jun 2005, 21:16   comments (3)

got away with it or wrongly accused?

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Hmmm....i suppose a case could be made for both sides....but maybe this time he'll learn not to allow 12 and 13 year old boys into his bed for sleepovers....
13th Jun 2005, 22:56   comments (0)