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New place - living room

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New place in Rochester - view of the living room.
15th Aug 2007, 15:26   comments (3)

New place - long view

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From the living room looking down the hallway into the kitchen. You can see out the back kitchen door to the balcony outside that overlooks the garden.
15th Aug 2007, 15:25   comments (0)

New place - balcony

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Off the kitchen - we're on the 2nd floor. This fire escape/balcony is going to be remodeled into a sleeping porch.
15th Aug 2007, 15:24   comments (0)

Believe me now? :)

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For those of you who never really understand how hick-ish it is where I live, I picked up this little community "event" flyer over the weekend. Not only is it a squirrel hunt, it's a *memorial* squirrel hunt - was Mr. Stearns killed by a pack of rabid squirrels or something? Anyway, there are rules, payouts, and a whole point system for different kinds of squirrels. And something like this happens every weekend around here. God - kill me now. :)
30th Jul 2007, 15:42   comments (2)

An unusual sentence :)

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This belongs in the 'I don't think anyone's ever said that before' category :)
24th Jul 2007, 19:18   comments (1)

Yay :)

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So, this is a couple of weeks old, but here ya go. Chris graduated with his first college degree. He's coming back for more, though, so he'll graduate again in a couple of years. Congratulations, punkin. ( Doesn't he look adorable? :) )
31st May 2007, 14:13   comments (3)

Blue Light Special!*

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*Sale applies to African, Russian, and Romanian children only. For a White, American child, no discount applies unless at least one parent was a guest on The Jerry Springer Show - in that case 10% will be deducted at the register.
7th May 2007, 01:32   comments (3)

Someone call Annette!

(viewed 728 times)
Well, I know it's Multiple ScLerosis :)
2nd May 2007, 14:49   comments (0)