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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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West Side

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This is a bad shot of the West side of the house. If I had tried to go back any further to get a better shot, I would've been standing right in the middle of the next door neighbor's back yard. What you can't see are the double porches on the back - one up, one down. They're visible in the East Side, though.
4th Jun 2005, 19:00   comments (0)

The Backyard

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This is the backyard of the house I'm currently trying to purchase. As you can see, it's quite in need of some TLC, but it's a nice space - not too big, but not too small.
4th Jun 2005, 18:59   comments (0)

In the Backyard

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So Frank took this - these literally bloomed overnight. I went out Wednesday - nothing. He went out yesterday and BAM! :) Not a great pic, but they're gorgeous.
3rd Jun 2005, 12:28   comments (2)

mini banana

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And it was yummy, too :)
25th May 2005, 16:35   comments (4)

Grey Day

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From my office window...ugh...i hope the weather gets nicer soon. It would be OK if it were rainy and warm...but it's rainy and *freezing*. It's almost June, dammit! :)
25th May 2005, 13:13   comments (0)

remake of the color purple?

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22nd May 2005, 22:32   comments (4)


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Doctoral phone interview completed. I think I did very well. My interviewer told me, "You have a very strong application." :)
14th May 2005, 15:53   comments (4)

10 more minutes....

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Until the phone interview for acceptance into my chosen doctoral program. Wish me luck :) (Also slightly neat that it caught the reflection on the front of my phone of the "camera" icon)
14th May 2005, 14:38   comments (4)