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When Blondes Use Microwaves

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So, ok. I came in to work this morning and decided I wanted to warm up my roll. I ended up setting said roll on fire and setting off the building's silent alarm. So University Police shows up (luckily it was one of my favorite officers) and has to call the alarm center to tell them "Burnt Toast". At least now I have a nickname :P :)
13th May 2005, 16:24   comments (16)

Been awhile

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So it's been awhile since I posted a pic of me :) Anyway..not much is different. Same bad hair - I'm thinking of getting extensions, actually. Not the greatest pic, but you get the idea. :)
12th May 2005, 16:39   comments (6)

Spot the Lettuce

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For all you food fetish people. I dropped a piece of lettuce down my shirt during mid-morning snack today. :)
12th May 2005, 16:28   comments (2)

Today's shoes

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Continuing in last Fall's tradition, here is today's shoe. :) I'm just glad the weather has warmed up enough to wear them! :)
10th May 2005, 13:54   comments (1)

Is it just me?

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Ok - now I love Pooh as much as the next person. But when this caught my eye (it's a bathroom rug) I had to do a double-take. Perhaps I just have a dirty mind, but no wonder Eeyore looks so...erm..confused...
9th May 2005, 17:14   comments (3)

Final Result

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And yes, my 2nd toe is longer than my big toe. Yeah, yeah, yeah. :) And my pinkie toe is so small, you can't even see it in this shoe. :P
6th May 2005, 13:16   comments (7)

My first pedicure!

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Ok, so wow...I had a Spa Pedicure last night, courtesy of Frank who bought me a gift certificate. Cause this isn't the kind of thing I'd ever do for myself. So, she did *two* exfoliants and massages with hot towel wraps. Then a paraffin dip (which is the picture above), then another massage with lotion, and then the final pedicure. I think I've found something to be addicted to. Someone rubbing my feet is *almost* as good as sex :)
6th May 2005, 13:15   comments (2)

My Lyra

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It's awesome :) 4GB and really nice for my lunchtime walks. Now, if only the weather would cooperate. :)
5th May 2005, 19:16   comments (0)