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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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I'll take one of my car this afternoon..this doesnt even begin to describe how much snow we're currently getting.
17th Jan 2005, 17:31   comments (5)

new slippers!

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Got a grey pair, too...these rock..pretty and sparkly..hand stitched..$2! (prolly made by a 5 year old in taiwan..but whatever..)
16th Jan 2005, 05:37   comments (5)

For the Brits :)

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See? It's *cold*...brr...or something :)
16th Jan 2005, 05:35   comments (0)

in my driveway

(viewed 1004 times) it's cold..ugh..and gonna get colder...giant fur wraps, here i come :) Do I hear Tampa calling my name? ;)
16th Jan 2005, 05:34   comments (7)

On the road again...

(viewed 1025 times) this is me on about 6 hours of sleep after driving for 3.5 hours, running errands all day and thinking about driving another 3.5 hours home.
16th Jan 2005, 05:32   comments (0)


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When I was hand warmer powered by air was my mouth blowing on my me crazy... :)
16th Jan 2005, 05:29   comments (3)


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Fell off the car! it back on, though, with some creative thinking and a nicely located home depot :)
16th Jan 2005, 05:28   comments (0)

So what's missing?

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See above ;)
16th Jan 2005, 05:25   comments (2)