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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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happy family

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Chris, Amy and baby Monique - isn't she precious? :) She's only smiling because she likes my camera phone - everytime she saw it out, she kept trying to grab it :)
8th Jan 2005, 19:49   comments (1)

Father Chris

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Trying to put Monique's shoe on her so she could walk around. I should've gotten the shoe in the shot, but that would've chopped off Chris' head :) Monique kept taking her shoes off which was very cute, but you cant exactly walk around the mall like that :)
8th Jan 2005, 19:45   comments (0)

Baby Monique and Mom Amy

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Monique is again staring at my camera phone and going, "Gives it to me - I wants the camera phone, precious!" Well, ok..she's not really saying that, but I'd bet that's what she's thinking :P :)
8th Jan 2005, 19:43   comments (0)


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This is probably the most adorable picture I took - she's happy because chris had just been flinging her up and down. The girl is like a bat - she enjoys being hung upside down :)
8th Jan 2005, 19:42   comments (0)

Table Dancing

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She's getting started young - I'll have to loan her my Carmen Electra "fit to strip" videos when she's old enough ;)
8th Jan 2005, 19:41   comments (0)

Daddy's girl!

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Ain't that a hallmark card? :)
8th Jan 2005, 19:40   comments (0)

When Hats Attack!

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Giant pink fuzzy hat! Yay! :)
7th Jan 2005, 13:53   comments (9)

Playground Lives!

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Telnet to 2060 for chit chat type stuff :)
6th Jan 2005, 19:21   comments (3)