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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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Sick chick pic

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Man - I feel like crap.
20th Dec 2006, 15:46   comments (4)

All my Dad's girls

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From the left: Valerie (31), Katherine (Kate - 28), Melissa (13), Sarah (11). Kate and I have the same mother. Melissa and Sarah have a different mother. What's funny is that I think Kate and Melissa look a lot alike, and Sarah and I look a lot alike (I'm really very blonde like she is). We all have the same father....who only ever wanted a boy and got 4 girls :)
14th Dec 2006, 16:34   comments (8)

The Best Thing Ever!

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A Newport Aquarium tradition :)
14th Dec 2006, 16:33   comments (1)

Me and Sis

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Bad picture of me and my "little" sister who's 5 inches taller than I am :) From my Thanksgiving trip to Cincinnati - that's the Cincy skyline in the background. We were in Newport, KY.
14th Dec 2006, 16:30   comments (0)

Chris :)

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Old picture from my birthday (November 22nd) :)
14th Dec 2006, 16:12   comments (0)

Samson :)

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8 months old and a little shy but settling in nicely :)
12th Dec 2006, 02:18   comments (3)

Maggie May

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about 14 months old - very energetic and playful..she's completely in love with chris
12th Dec 2006, 02:15   comments (2)

Birthday Present!

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So I have the best boyfriend ever :) I've never really gotten jewelry as a gift before, so Chris surprised me with this - a nice little sapphire and gold ring :). My birthday isn't until next Wednesday, but he couldn't wait any longer - he wanted me to have it. So, now I just have to figure out which finger to have it sized for :) Yay for me!! :) Little does he know the best present is just him :)
16th Nov 2006, 23:29   comments (1)