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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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10th Nov 2006, 17:51   comments (5)

New boots! :)

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Yay - in anticipation of a job interview in Maryland, I went out and bought new boots yesterday :) Go me.
24th Oct 2006, 18:13   comments (3)


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Dammit. It's too early. I can't wait to get out of here. At least Fall was nice - all 2 weeks of it :)
24th Oct 2006, 15:46   comments (5)

Chili Peppers!

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Just brightened it up a bit so you can actually see us :). Chris looks like a goof cause he was watching his hand take the picture instead of smiling and all that :)
23rd Oct 2006, 01:54   comments (0)

Glass floor

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Looking down at the ground from the Glass floor level of the CN tower.
18th Oct 2006, 21:21   comments (0)

High up in the clouds

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So, I was in Toronto Monday night and Tuesday. Went up the CN tower. Couldn't see a damn thing cause it was raining and really foggy. Got this shot, though - that big white thing in the bottom right corner is the top of the Rogers Center (The Skydome, dammit!!!). Man - I *love* Toronto.
18th Oct 2006, 20:55   comments (2)

On the slide

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Chris decided to take Teddy down the slide at the park on Monday. It seemed to be an interesting experience for Teddy, but I think it was more fun for Daddy :)
18th Oct 2006, 15:14   comments (0)

Daddy and Teddy :)

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Caught them on the couch taking a bit of a nap when I got home yesterday...awwwwww :)
18th Oct 2006, 15:10   comments (0)