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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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Teddy dragged a couple of throw pillows onto the floor and arranged a little bed for himself. He's adorable :)
13th Oct 2006, 23:52   comments (1)

More new hair :)

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Not loving this pic - but whatever...the hair isn't quite this red, and i'm not really this pale :)
12th Oct 2006, 17:00   comments (7)

Brown! :)

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Wow - I actually kinda like it....although it does have a bit of red in it that you cant really see n the pic. The blonde is my real hair color, and I've never been brown before...but maybe I'll stay this way for awhile :)
12th Oct 2006, 16:51   comments (6)

Boredom :)

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I'm bored...and when I'm bored...I fuck around with my hair. Going for a nice chocolate brown with some golden tones. We'll see :) - and i'm slightly covered in you can see :) The color is officially called "chocolate caramel" and it's supposed to be a "medium golden mahogany brown"
12th Oct 2006, 15:24   comments (2)

Moi :)

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Felt like putting the hair up today..well..1/2 way up..although now that I can't really see it...ah well :)
11th Oct 2006, 19:19   comments (0)

Me :)

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While Chris was getting his stuff done last night, I decided to do a little bit to me. :) The big one in the middle is one I've had for awhile, but I've been looking for the right things to go with it. So I finally decided on these. Not bad :) The bird one means "mother". The other one means "goddess". And they are actually even with the one in the middle - I'm just lifting one of my shoulders a little bit cause I'm holding up my hair.
7th Oct 2006, 18:00   comments (1)

Summer Project

So, this was Chris' summer project. I was there for every sit. Took a total of about 16 hours. Finally finished it up tonight :). He's still going to have a little more detail put in, but this is good enough for now. I think it looks *amazing*.
7th Oct 2006, 05:30   comments (5)

Post bath bliss :)

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5th Oct 2006, 02:06   comments (2)