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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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goooood morning :)

(viewed 854 times) the best picture ever....but yeah..whatever :)

one more day until i get to teach...yay! :)
22nd Aug 2006, 14:55   comments (5)


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my "tired as hell" look :) it's opening week at the college, so from here on out, i actually have to w*'s kinda jarring after my non-w*rking summer :) but such is life ;)
14th Aug 2006, 15:50   comments (3)

Finally :)

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So, I finally got my nose pierced last night. I've been talking about doing it..erm..for probably about a year. I finally found someone I trusted to do it - a big thing when someone's sticking a giant needle through your nose. Didn't hurt a bit. And it's pink. Oh - please ignore the bad skin - it's been a stressful couple of weeks :).
10th Aug 2006, 13:36   comments (7)


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Ok - so my friend Kate is getting ready to move to North Carolina. The bitch. But whatever. So, good friend that I am, I offer to help her load her moving truck. Now, I'm *really* short, so I have virtually no wingspan or anything, so I could only carry small stuff. I must've made about 50 trips up and down the steps. Which is great for my ass, but not so great for my scent. By the time we were done, we both looked horrible and smelled like farm animals - so enjoy. Oh - did I mention it was basically raining the whole time? At least the torrential downpour stopped, and after awhile, the rain actually felt kinda good :)
12th Jul 2006, 20:14   comments (5)

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

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Got a little bored on my drive to work this morning. Was also running really late, but whatever :)
9th Jun 2006, 14:15   comments (0)

Warning: Amazingly Cute Doggie pic :)

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She was being particularly adorable at this moment :)
26th May 2006, 22:19   comments (11)

Crack pipe sold separately!

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I've often wondered what MarionBerry juice tastes like ;)
26th May 2006, 15:20   comments (5)


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Don't get me wrong. John Cusack is adorably cute. But when this website told me that my face is 63% similar to his, I almost fell out of my chair.
23rd May 2006, 14:15   comments (8)