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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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The Wellsville English Dictionary (WED)

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What has santamental falue to you?
8th May 2006, 14:36   comments (5)

Air canada!

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Dropped Kyle off at the airport today - this was a poster that was hanging up next to each ticket agent's chair. Not retouched or anything in any way - so I would be wary of flying Air Canada - cause, like - what's not supposed to fly? The planes? :)
24th Apr 2006, 22:43   comments (5)

Blue jays!

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Went to see the Blue Jays on Friday night. The Red Sox were in town, and it was Kyle's first baseball game. Was a *great* game, so that made the evening pretty perfect. :)
24th Apr 2006, 22:41   comments (2)

Miracle jesus

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The best kid toy ever. It even comes with loaves, fishes, and a wine jug.
24th Apr 2006, 22:39   comments (6)

toronto chopsticks

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how the hell do you put wheels on chopsticks? i almost bought these, but i use chopsticks a few times a week, so i'm pretty good with the damn things :)
24th Apr 2006, 22:38   comments (0)

Casino niagara

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Ok - before anyone says how horrible this pic is, it might be good to know that it was about 2am. We were at the Casino, and I'd been drinking - which is something I hardly ever do (as in before Kyle got here, I hadn't had any significant alcohol in about 8 years) :P :)
24th Apr 2006, 22:35   comments (0)

Manhattan from Brooklyn

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Shot from the tour bus when it stopped long enough for me to get a not-entirely-fuzzy pic. I've decided that the city at night is much nicer than the city during the day, but that's just me.
16th Apr 2006, 02:50   comments (4)


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Ok - so here's us doing the totally touristy double-decker sight-seeing thing. Went all over mid-town Manhattan and into Brooklyn. It was actually pretty nice - slightly pricey, but it's NYC, so that's to be expected. Anyway, had a great time, but it got a little cold so Kyle kept me nice and warm. Sweet of him, eh? :)
16th Apr 2006, 01:56   comments (4)