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#Collabfest2016 1: Sheffield, Shepherd's Bush, Shoreditch, Soho

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27 beers in 3 days. Bloody hell. Okay, let's get started with some fruitiness. All tasting notes are a collaboration (hey!) between The Belated Birthday Girl and myself.

a) Abbeydale Brewery / BrewDog Sheffield: Iced Tea Dead People (peach iced tea beer, 4.6%). Does what it says on the tin: it's a peach iced tea that'll get you drunk (eventually). Bit of fizz and a tiny amount hop bitterness coming through at the end to make it not quite as sweet as a bottle of Liptons. Nice refreshing summer beer, shame it's autumn now.

b) Siren Craft Brew / BrewDog Shepherds Bush: Ten Dollar Shake (fruit smoothie IPA, 6.6%). Even more ridiculously fruity than the Sheffield, with large amount of bitterness as well - lots of things going on at once. Has the consistency of a smoothie, too. Very nice indeed. Our favourite so far.

c) Weird Beard Brew Co / BrewDog Shoreditch: Dead By Dawn (cherry breakfast stout, 5.5%). A dark fruity one for a change, and another nice one from Bryan. (We know someone who used to work with him, you know.) I think it's quite light for a stout, but The BBG is impressed by its weight, although she's hoping the 'breakfast' bit of the name means it's full of oats (and/or possibly a hint of coffee?) rather than bacon. Fruit is nicely integrated into it, rather than being separate from the other components.

d) Fourpure Brewing Co / BrewDog Soho: Mangoes Into A Bar (soured mango wheat beer dryhopped with Galaxy hops, 5%). Transition to a sour is a bit weird, frankly. Not a lot of fruit coming through initially, but gets a little fruitier once it starts to cut through the afterburn of the Weird Beard. Nice, but probably the least interesting of the four.
21st Oct 2016, 20:08