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#Collabfest 2016 2: Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Southampton

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Tasting notes by me and The Belated Birthday Girl.

e) Top Out Brewery / BrewDog Edinburgh: Deez Nuts (blond peanut mild, 4.2%). 'More nuts on the nose than on the palate,' says The BBG while I giggle. Not especially nutty to the taste: not enough peanut, and not enough of anything else to make it interesting.

f) Liverpool Craft Beer Co / BrewDog Liverpool: Manolis IPA (IPA with Waimea, Nelson Sauvin, Chinook, Centennial, El Dorado hops, 6%). Excellent timing as our food arrives: an IPA with hops in it and no funny shit. Nicely traditional beer (in the craft beer sense of the word) at this stage in the proceedings: solidly hoppy, even managing to hold its own against the Dalston Chilli that The BBG scoffs so much of here. It's definitely a beer that's good with food, as they say about the Co-Op, though I'm not entirely convinced by these Crack Fries that are currently being trialled in the bars: chips are perfectly fine in their own right without deep frying them in batter too (and all the ones I ate were a minimum of 75% batter).

g) Dead End Brew Machine / BrewDog Glasgow: The Glasgow Project (cherry and bourbon oaked saison, 6.4%). Back to fruit and mild sourness. Lots of subtle things going on - mainly works as a post-dinner palate cleanser for The BBG. Cherry comes through for her much later on, once the Dalston Chilli has worn off.

h) Dancing Man Brewery / BrewDog Southampton: Black's The New Orange (orange Jaffa cake stout, 4.1%). A stout to finish off day 1 of this weekend (pacing, that's the secret). It's a good one: all the chocolate and orange that the name implies, but without the massive ABV you tend to associate with the style nowadays. I like it, though The BBG thinks it lacks a bit of weight compared with the Weird Beard from earlier, and thinks it's more like a Terry's Chocolate Orange than a Jaffa cake (with more orange coming through on the aftertaste than at the time of drinking).
21st Oct 2016, 21:08