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#Collabfest2016 3: Camden, Norwich, Stirling, Manchester

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Day 2 of 3! Only 19 beers left to go!

i) Howling Hops / BrewDog Camden: Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pale Ale (pink raspberry pale ale, 5.5%). Another fruity one to start the day - raspberry there but not massively pronounced, more on the nose. Feels a bit sour on the aftertaste to me, though that might just be my brain telling me what it thinks raspberry beers should taste like. The BBG likes it, but thinks it's not up there with the best of yesterday's.

j) Brew By Numbers / BrewDog Norwich: 17|08 Table Saison (mustard & sea salt saison, 3%). We had to drink this here: fans of the BrewDogging series can take this as a hint to where episode 41 will be set. Weakest beer in the set in terms of ABV, initially a bit thin and apparently flavourless but mustard (appropriately for the home of Colmans) comes through as a surprise around the third mouthful, with the salt gradually appearing near the end of the glass. Typical light saison, good for a summer beer.

k) Fallen Brewing Co / BrewDog Stirling: Malibru (pineapple & coconut sour, 4.1%). Interesting fruity sour - less coconut, much more pineapple, gentle degree of sourness. Initial impact wears off quite quickly for me, though.

l) Cloudwater / BrewDog Manchester: Colourblind (session amber ale, 4.5%). Very much tastes like a typical Cloudwater beer (is it the yeast?), with all the flavour of their infamous Double IPAs but only half the booze content. Best one we've had from this particular flight, though the Bush's $10 Shake and Liverpool's Manolis IPA are still the ones to beat overall.
22nd Oct 2016, 15:48