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#Collabfest2016 4: Leicester, Clapham, Bristol, Dundee

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And after a short pause for a terrific Divine Comedy gig, as well as to mourn the passing of comics artist Steve Dillon, we're back.

m) Alphabet Brewing Co / BrewDog Leicester: King's Blood (pomegranate Irish red ale, 5.3%). "Ees not paint! Ees King's Blood!" says The BBG, who likes a good obscure movie reference. Tinge of fruit on the lips, but the fruit actually ends up bringing out more bitterness on the palate. Not in a bad way, though. A few more of the high notes come out if you swill it round your mouth a bit.

n) Anspach & Hobday / BrewDog Clapham: The Marmalade Saison (saison with marmalade from English preserves, 5.6%). It's Paddington Beer! A properly fruity saison, but unlike other ones in this Fest, the initial surprise of the flavour keeps going all the way to the bottom of the glass rather than fizzling out. Real saison feel to it, too.

o) Wiper & True / BrewDog Bristol: Don't Get Lemon (double IPA, 9%). The one silly boozy beer of the day, and the one that has casual visitors to BrewDog Norwich pointing at the board and screaming. Dangerously drinkable, with a sweetness to it that stops it tasting like nine bastard per cent (similar to the sort of camouflage that Cloudwater are doing with their DIPAs, but in a very different style). A little hop bitterness, but not much.

p) Alechemy / BrewDog Dundee: Chocorange Is The New Black (orange infused milk stout, 4.7%). Second go at this particular shit pun (see Dancing Man / Southampton earlier). Lots of coffee coming through initially, with the tiniest bit of both chocolate and orange at the end. It's not even a Terry's Chocolate Orange like the earlier one, it's a good coffee stout that's been stored next to the Chocolate Oranges.
22nd Oct 2016, 23:38