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#Collabfest2016 5: Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Shuffledog

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q) Crafty Devil / BrewDog Cardiff: No Ifs, No Buts, Just Coconuts (coconut and vanilla milk stout, 5.2%). We've gone to the dark side for our final flight of the day. Although like the Alechemy stout we've just come off, it's hard to detect anything other than coffee here: a beer that boasts about having 'just coconuts' really should taste more of coconut (and maybe a little bit of vanilla at the very end). It's an okay coffee stout, nothing more.

r) Fixed Wheel Brewery / BrewDog Birmingham: Coffee Fix (coffee infused stout, 6.1%). Well, at least this actually does what they say it will: it's coffee, with a bit of an aftertaste on my palate that The BBG insists is just more coffee. Not much you can really say about it other than 'coffee', and it's not as good a stout as the Alechemy. Certainly doesn't feel like a six per center.

s) Black Iris Brewery / BrewDog Birmingham: Satan's Lollipop (sessionable chilli, cherry stout dry hopped with cherry blossom, 5.5%). Very nice cherry flavour immediately, with decent weight to it. Not much chilli immediately obvious - maybe a tiny tingle round the edges of the tongue, but as The BBG suggests "it's no Dog A". At this point, the lowest ABV of the stouts - Alechemy - is probably our favourite in terms of flavour and weight, if not in tems of matching its description.

t) Brew York / Shuffledog Leeds: Black Dog Of White Horse Bay (India stout, 5.6%). This is an odd one - the hops make it taste more like a black IPA than a stout (maybe that's why they call it an India stout - is India brewer code for 'shitloads of hops'?). Still, we like hops here, so no objections on that score.

Just seven beers left, then...
23rd Oct 2016, 00:38