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#Collabfest2017 part one: Edinburgh, Soho, Leeds, York

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Once again, it's time for this thing. 34 new beers from the BrewDog bars in the UK, Sweden and Germany, brewed in collaboration with local brewers, and three days to attempt to drink them all before they run out. The Belated Birthday Girl and I start inside the Soho bar, where the flight we're given consists of 1/2 pint glasses rather than the usual 1/3 pint. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone's sanity (ours and yours), this won't be a precedent.

1. Stewart Brewing / BrewDog Edinburgh: Corpse Reviver (Kettle Sour Pale with Lactose and Fruit, 5.90%)
A fairly pleasant one to start off with: slightly sour, with a slight fruitiness we can't quite identify (maybe grapefruit?). Surprisingly tame for the name.

2. Redchurch Brewery / BrewDog Soho: Risk: Cherry Stone (Cherry Sour, 6.00%)
Another sour. This doesn't have much cherry initially, maybe a little later as the sourness diminshes, with some marzipan on the nose.

3. Ridgeside Brew Co / BrewDog Leeds: FUBARB (Rhubarb and Custard Sour, 4.80%)
Now we're talking. Not much sourness to this one: coconut or caramel comes through on the first mouthful, and gradually mutates into something else - The BBG thinks they're more like rhubarb and custard boiled sweets than the actual dessert, while I think they're more like liquid Trebor Fruit Salads. Neither of these is a bad thing.

4. Brew York / BrewDog York: Goose Willis (Gooseberry Fool inspired Sour Beer, 5.30%)
It looks like Soho doesn't like sours: when we came in there were only nine Collabfest beers left, half an hour later it was down to six, and most them were sour beers of one sort or another. There's more of a burnt quality to this one, which takes the edge off the sourness.
20th Oct 2017, 23:18